"Pistols Of Power" lyrics - WALTER EGAN

"Pistols Of Power"

A stranger is knockin' but don't let him in
The sound of the hunter don't be his victim
You open your door and then it's too late
Ain't no way to argue with his.38

And just like the hunter
Who makes you afraid
The hidden persuaders appear everyday
So clever and cool the way that they run
Their sinister power hurts just like a gun

You think you are free
But the choice ain't so wide
Political passion is side versus side
You straddle the fence
And you're gonna find
The pistols of power
Aim to make up your mind

You see Mr. Bigshot, he's on the TV
You feel his power, it's obscenity
You're under his thumb
The words that he's said
Are just like some bullets
Aimed right at your head