"Y Me? (The Last Stroll)" lyrics - WALTER EGAN

"Y Me? (The Last Stroll)"

My baby's a little bit mixed up
Mistaking me for some other lover
I look at my face in the mirror
Searchin' for clues that I might discover

I tried and I tried
But try as I will I just can't explain
Why, why, why, why
Should love so strong bring such pain?

Why me?
You used me, abused me
And then in the end
Even sued me, why?

I don't know how long I can take it
So much grief there's just too much sorrow
I really believed we'd make it
But all I've got now is myself and tomorrow

I can't understand
And it's just like I'm living in a Kafka novel
Where I've been condemned to live in a mystery
I can't unravel

Why me?
Why me?