"Invisible" lyrics - WARREN HAYNES


See these cans these worn out shoes
This old shopping cart full of rusty blues
It's plain as day
So why do I feel invisible?

Look at my face these weather worn miles
If you ain't gotta dime brother
Could you spare a smile?
Instead of looking right through me
Like I was invisible

Here's to dreaming an American dream
Here's to scheming an American scheme

See these bands they're black and blue
Seen a lot of dreams slip right on through
Like water just like water
Invisible invisible

See this child, she looks a lot like me
She says "daddy when I grow up I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be I don't wanna be

Here's to singing an American song
Here's to righting an American

See these people being cast away
Number's growing day by day
And if something don't change
You know we can't remain

Invisible invisible
Invisible invisible