"I Wanna Get Some" lyrics - WARRIOR SOUL

"I Wanna Get Some"
(Allan Clarke)

You wanna fire to the southern market
Gonna press into the sky, you wanna get scum
You can't do better them me
'Cos I'm comin' on down the line of reaction
You're down man, but never die
You're just kickin' for a chance to fly
The super culture
They say Rome wasn't built in a day
But you're never gonna find the truth
Until you try girl

Don't follow - misinformation
Don't borrow
Get set for you to run
I wanna get some
I wanna get some modern lovin'
Don't follow - annihilation
Don't bother

I live like an insane dog
A pressin' hard luck out to the limit
Kiss off
You'd sell out for a nickel and leave your friends
Crawling out of the senses
Blast off
Death scenes face before my eyes
I'm on the speed ride, shockin' the torture
No love
Target for the blazing sun
If I figure I can make a profit
Right on
Don't bother
(C'mon baby, yeah, give it to me)
The undertaker
(I need your lovin' in the land of the free)
You wonder
(I'm going crazy yeah addicted to love
Get set the games begin

I wanna get some
I wanna get some modern lovin'