"I Am The Earth" lyrics - WATAIN

"I Am The Earth"

He lives through me
All of what I am
The needle of Hamartia
Injected in the flesh of man
With the soul of a carrion;
Sleeping, yet awake
For underneath this skin
Crawls Eden's cursed Snake

Hic est draco caudam suam devorans!

You may have felt its cold
Carressing down your spine
Gently yet with strength
And with a morbid touch
For its real shape is a razor
Smeared with the Devil's seed
And infected with its plague
Are the scars from which I bleed

I am the Earth
Chained to horns
Its ground is my flesh
Pierced by Holy thorns
I am the Earth
Burning deep within
Its water is my blood
Blackened by my sins

Swallowed by His mystery
Lost within its maze
The bridges behind they burn
From the pyres of Hell's grace
One after another
The stars fade into black
He has called my name
There is no way back...

Pierced by His will
Trapped within His lair
My flesh shall be the sign
Of that fires are to fear
For those who walk upon me
Shall be punished for their turns
I am the Earth
And within me the Devil burns!

I am the Earth
In the shadow of the Lord
A crucifix of flesh
Yet sinfully adored
I am the Earth
As your life with me does blend
For I am His truth;
The world without end...

The world without end