"Life Is Puke (20,000) (1995 Demo)" lyrics - WATERPARKS

"Life Is Puke (20,000) (1995 Demo)"

Okay, so, you guys are assholes
I did not think this was gonna get 20,000
And uh, everyone is so mad at me
Aw man, I hope you guys like this shit
Like, at least a little bit
Um, I'm so tired, I'm jet-lagged
Like, I don't even know if like Dra-
Like, maybe Drake gets 20,000 retweets...
I'm gonna go look at Drake's Twitter
Man, wait, why can't I find it?
Ah, "Drizzy", I'm sorry
Yo, straight up, Dr-
Drake doesn't even get 20,000 retweets
This is crazy
Yeah dude
I need to go to bed, so bad
Oh this part- this part's really pretty though
Check it