WEIRD AL YANKOVIC lyrics - Introduction (Peter And The Wolf)

"Introduction (Peter And The Wolf)"

Hello boys and girls
This is a story that I like to call "Peter And The Wolf"
Are you sitting comfortably?
Are you?!?!?
Good, then let's begin

Each character is represented by a different instrument of the synthesized orchestra
For instance, the part of Billy the Bird is played by a flute, like this
The part of Bruce the Duck is played by an oboe

Louie the Cat is a clarinet
All right, he's not really a clarinet
He's just, you know
He, he's represented by a clarinet

The part of the Grandfather will be played by Don Amiche
He, what, he can't make it?
Oh, okay, um, hm, in that case, the part of the Grandfather will be played by a bassoon

Three French horns play the part of, um, three French horns, uh
(The wolf, it's the wolf)
Right, the wolf, Seymore the Wolf

The kettle drum and bass drum represent the sub machine gun fire of the hunters
And, of course, as always, the part of Bob the Janitor is played by the accordion
Well, that's it for the introductions
And now, the story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
Uh, oh, excuse me