"Redneck Shit" lyrics - WHEELER WALKER JR.

"Redneck Shit"
(Wheeler Walker, Jr.)

American by birth and Southern by the grace of God
Means that everything I do, I do it right
New York and California, you can go and have your fun
But down here I got a list of what I like

[Chorus 1:]
Eating tater tots and pussy
Sucking Mountain Dew and tits
Kick my grandpa in his nutsack
Then I suck my boss' dick
Fuck my cousin in her asshole 'fore I finished on her tits
Then I shoot my neighbor's cat
I love that redneck shit

You can make your jokes at us and giggle all you want
But my friends and me man, we don't give a lick
If you can read this then the bitch fell off, that's a sticker on a bike
Sure, but it's also a tattoo inked on my dick

[Chorus 2:]
Taking pictures of my momma while she's tryna take a shit
Then I'm throwing rocks at cripples and I laugh when they get hit
Pull my pecker out at Wal-Mart then I pop my sister's zits
Jacking off my neighbor's dog
I love that redneck shit

People think we're crazy man, they think we're all insane
Take a visit and I swear you'll never leave
You can stay at grandma's house, she'll cook you up some country ham
And after dinner you can nibble on her beave'

[Chorus 3:]
Met a biddie at the swap meet then I fucked her for a bit
Shoved a dildo up my asshole just to see if it could fit
Buy a bunch of nudie magazines, the ones that show the clit
Then I tongue my brother's butt
I love that redneck shit
Redneck shit!