"Tales From The Scarecrowman" lyrics - WHITE ZOMBIE

"Tales From The Scarecrowman"

I'm the Scarecrowman, I'm swingin'
Swingin'-I'm the Scarecrowman,
Swingin' swingin' from the hangin'
Tree-the clock-clock-clock
On the wall is ticking away
My time-the sentence is
Past, now I'm paying for my
Crimes-I reach out-out for the
Hands of time, but they're
Out of reach-I said I reach out-
Out for the setting sun but
It's out-gone out of my reach-
The dust in the wind is blowing its
Way back to Horror Hill-little girls
Voodoo dolly sitting-on the windows sill-
The broken glass sparkles in the light-sign
On the door tells me No One Home Tonight-
Said I'm the Scarecrowman wasting
Away and I'm swingin' swingin'
On the hangin' tree