"All Things Must Change" lyrics - WIDOWMAKER

"All Things Must Change"

In a life of dreams
Things aren't all they seem
Every prison's not a cage
And I've learned one thing for sure
All things must change.

So I've lived my life
Through rose colored eyes
Life's so unreal from the stage
But the limelight fades away
All things must change.

There is no rhyme, there is no reason
Don't look to me for answers
I'll give you metaphors
And though a lying heart is treason
My only fear is sorrow
My pain is in the score
And nothing more.

Senses overload
Fields of depth explode
Mental fabric starts to fray
False reality
Life's triviality
Psychotic images remain.

As I live the passion play
Oh all things must change
Have I thrown my life away?
All things must change.

Corporate dynasties
Bring me to my knees
Negotiations strangulate
Faceless suited droids
Fight to fill some void
Sacrificial offering escalate.

And they don't know who to blame
All things must change
Lord I'll never be the same
All things must change.

When I've seen it all
Another curtain falls
Depth of feelings hard to gauge
Twisted pictures pass
Through the tainted glass
I relieve it all in silent rage.

How much can one man endure?
All things must change
I'm a symptom and the cure
All things must change
Now I've learned one thing for sure.

Dying to live

Tried just can't play the game
Got to get off this train
I've got nowhere to go
Can't win, can't place or show.

Dying to live...
Gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
Dying to live...

I'm drifting from the norm
No port in any storm
Caught in eternal lies
Who calls this paradise?

Dying to live...
Gonna be all right
It's be all right
Dying to live...

Pray for those without hope
Mourn for those living lies
Reach for those who can't cope
Scream for the ones who've died.

Dying to live...
Gonna be all right
It's be all right
Dying to live...