"Patient Flees" lyrics - WIRE

"Patient Flees"

Heartaches are anodised, mid-sentence accusations
Turncoats and cutting throats, agreed at the inception
The never, ever poison, starts with cash injection
Improvise a compromise, cruel credit-card rejections

Premonition, humiliation, inspiration, intoxication
Provocation, subjugation, discrimination, motivation

Every joke an alibi, a wretched truth extension
Each word a sugared lie, a sweet-coated deception
Pull out the poisoned darts of paranoid perception
Witness the fitness of impatient interventions

Resurrection, insurrection, defection, disaffection
Infection, imperfection, disinfection, rejection

Facts have been analysed, conditions now are stable
Operations paralyzed, instructions on the label
Cut out the poisoned parts; leaving something able
Salvaged the savage, the patient flees the table

Demolition, substitution, resolution, evolution
Devaluation, inspection, abjection, deselection
Resurrection, insurrection, defection, disaffection
Premonition, motivation, inspiration, intoxication