"Speech (O.N.I.F.C 4 Year Aniversary)" lyrics - WIZ KHALIFA

"Speech (O.N.I.F.C 4 Year Aniversary)"

Shake'n bake
Nigga ain't doin' nothing, just sittin' here and swaggin
It's easy though
It's easy to not give a fuck

Fresh outta first class
Fresh outta herb nap
My outfit straight outta fur
So fresh to death
My car from overseas
The steering wheel on the other side
I'm givin' it
All I got is smokin' what's left
So much money on weed
So much smoke in my chest
I take the lessons I learned
And put 'em all in my flesh
Tatted, got a strong weed habit
Going hard, could have sworn you niggas had it
Buying champaign with the tabins
We order more drinks, bring the cabs in
Rip up jeans, call it fashion
A lot of cash and a lot of gras
You niggas broke, you ain't gotta pass
Chanel bags and I'm proud of tags
Spendin' stash, you ain't gotta stack
Young and rich, don't know how to act
As the wheels keep spinnin' and my joint keep burning
And my team keep winnin'

Roll up, whats the hold up
Roll up, whats the hold up

Thinking 'bout some shit, that rap taught me
Sittin' in a whip, that rap bought me
Look at all the things, that I'm affording
My nigga mean I'm ballin' like a sports team
You doin' some shit, you think is flossin'
I was doing that back, when I was fourteen
Gettin' it, buying the most, flippin' it
Sixteen, time to pay rent in this bitch
I wasn't even thinking of making millions
I was just thinking smokin' and chillin'
And trying to pay the bills
Try get my mom out of this building
And I got my mom out of this building
I never took a hand out
Matter fact I put my hand in
Now everything you see is planned by me
Boss of my own shit, TAYLOR GANG E.N.T
Nothing but that cali strong
Gettin' blown by the pound, bitch TNT

Roll up, whats the hold up
Roll up, whats the hold up