"Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb" lyrics - WORLD PARTY

"Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb"

Do you find yourself in darkness
Do you find yourself in light?
That's a question I want answered
Could you answer me tonight?
Could you give me some directions
In this cave of afterlife?
Do I struggle with my conscience
As it struggles with my life?
In this blackness that surrounds me
But doesn't give me any room
There's so much that I forget...
Is that the curse of the mummy's tomb?

We're all the bold explorer
We all seek gold and fame
Out asking for directions
To the house that knows no pain
And the casual traveller wonders
Who led us all astray
As he leans against the bar
And watches children play
In the blackness that surrounds them
Where there's never any room
But he's following his own quest
For the curse of the mummy's tomb

There are riches here you cannot sell
So value them we don't
There are spies at every corner
Please help us they say "won't"
There are special traps of wisdom
Devised to seize the fool
To entomb him with the mummy's gold
There are demons who shout "duel!"
But I'm too busy with my conscience
I'm too busy with my gloom
Can you rid me of the fever?
That's the curse of the mummy's tomb

We started out together
Our expeditions linked
But every student has a theory
The best he's ever thinked
And our vanity betrays us
And our nerve it disappears
After crossing the dark threshold
Into loneliness and tears
Could I travel into caves unknown
Hear the dullest thud of doom
Can I wander noisy silence?
That's the curse of the mummy's tomb

Buried deep within the mountain
In the Valley of the King
There's a passageway that leads there
Where the wind whistles and sings
Of a time so long forgotten
But it seems like yesterday
When the queen was in her palace
And the king was on his way
To the bosom of his family
To the holy golden womb
What was that love?
That's the curse of the mummy's tomb

If you want to know what happened here
There is writing on the wall
There are strange signs and ornaments
That'll really tell you all
But they're easy to misunderstand
You have to tell the truth
That's how you find the secret
Of her eternal youth
There are curses that are blessings
There are clues in every room
It's up to you now
That's the curse of the mummy's tomb

Nobody there to help you
As the apparition nears
Nobody loves like she did
Could take away your fears
Was this what you were afraid of?
Life without the queen?
Forget it, just remember
This life is but a dream
And you know that hope's returning
Like a new bride to the groom

There's no curse...

Just a mummy's tomb