"Drunk In My Past" lyrics - X

"Drunk In My Past"

Its the drunk in my past
Shuffling by like a train
Sounds on its track
Like a ride like a ride that don't last
Swears each drink is the last
Tells the same lie each night
And breaks every promise
Til she makes me go crazy
Shes gonna drive me to drinking
Theres a drunk in my past
The one who let me down
Who wasnt around
When they were needed
Theres a drunk in my past
Who swears each drink is the last
Thought I give me another chance
Theres a dunk in my path
Each I go past my house
While trying to find my way home
My door way is blocked
By doomsday for certain
If your own key don't fit
You know its curtains
Oh well never a dull moment
Never a moment passes
When someone dull don't pass me by
I love her like a sister
That drunk that girl
Why I wish her all the best
That's all that's left
'Cause she took the rest
One heck of a past