"Sacrificium" lyrics - XANDRIA

(Marco Heubaum / Benjamin Schwenen / Xandria)

In this dark cell
In this moment of life and death
On bloody fields of war
In a forsaken desert
Or an empty street
In a family's home
Every place where love, hate, greed, belief
Let men look into the barrel of a gun

You can take my life
But my vision lives on eternally

This is my legacy, now I will be forever
I am one with my fate, now I will see destiny
I give all of myself for all I love in this world
It will be my last wish, my ultimate Sacrifice

I give all for you

I see the white light so close
Today, there I'll be going
There are no questions no more
There's only knowing

My last hour, I have nothing to regret
Nothing left that I could give to you
I have gone, taken everything with me
Everything that I could hide from the pain
That takes away my body

Hold my hand wherever you are
My end now is just a new life for you all
This is my promise, my sacrifice

My life was once just like yours
But then it happened
All has changed in a minute, like a shot
All the world, it was nothing like before
I have run through the chaos in mind
All my life, but I never knew
What's lying deep inside of us all

How hard they ever will hit my face
Or even break every bone
No matter how long it takes for me
I will not fail

How far I have to go for my hope
Or have to step into fire
No one can anymore hold me from
Falling down now

My heart is beating on and on
It feels like falling down now

Hold my hand wherever you are now
Please hold my hand, keep me from falling down

My old life seems like centuries ago
I remember scenes from my childhood
Playing Robin Hood and Braveheart
But how do we know what we do
When the story is about us
Now I know

I will live on, my will lives on
Here I stand finally
With my life in my Hands
Let the sword fall down

Farewell to you all stars above
Goodbye to all the ones that I have loved
I miss you so much, but it's ok
I'll sleep well 'cause somewhere you are save
This I know when I take my last breath