"So You Disappear" lyrics - XANDRIA

"So You Disappear"

I breathe the scent of your hair
Your emerald eyes are closed
There's still some music in the air
Feels like time no more flows
We sit, you're in my arms
Watching the first daylight gleam
You say, "I like your warmth"
A voice just in a dream
In chaos waters I do swim
And you're the stone one's thrown into
A frail creature now gets dim
As the gold turns into blue
Made me think you were so damn near
Like a bright shining star
But reaching out you disappeared
For real you are so very far
I was dreaming of the wind
I was dreaming like a child
A prince and princess fairy tale
And so you disappear
I was dreaming of the fire
Of the time when it was wild
I was dreaming far too sweet
And so you disappear