"Dead" lyrics - XXXTENTACION


Sodomize her, aye
I'm your pusha man
Cocaine, cocaine

Into the depths of the dark
Fear will swallow your heart
Machete in the shed
With his kettle burning red
To your skin full of sin
With a mouth full of gin
Fuck a juice, losing [?]
Fuck your teeth
Put em' on your teeth
Jesus [?] on me
Sodomize her, aye
Imm'a fucking hate
Fuck her soul, move!
Fuck her gold
Preaching after dark
Muddy cut all up in the blood
Drilling through his head
Now we dead
Fucking walking dead
Murderer rigorous [?]
Smoking this purp straight to the face
Bullets on bullets
I'm aiming this straight
Pull up on niggas
I'm live at your grave
Fuck the community
Title the mutiny
Fold her lil sin as we live on the limb
Fuck her, I die
Preach up on the sin
Life is shit
Fuck bitches in the bin