"Inuyasha" lyrics - XXXTENTACION

feat. D.R.U.G.S

[Intro: XXXTentacion]
Damn Baby what's your fuckin name, Gah Damn
Damn baby

[Verse 1: XXXTentacion]
Kill a fuck nigga for the free
Hanging mothafuckas in the dungeon full of meat
Misagi, Misody, Islam it can't help me
My niggas they grab me, put slits in your cheeks
Any mothafucka that'll claim that he bang
Couldn't be about it so I hang him by his chain
Pointing to a fuck nigga brain
I don't need a silver bullet, boy I let this shit bang

[Hook: XXXTentacion]

[Verse 2: XXXTentacion & Drugz]
Prophecy told that niggas would go
Get back from the dwellers, no niggas with souls
Blade through your neck, dick in your throat
You ride for your niggas, your niggas a joke, fuck 'em
Man, Drugz in this bitch, I could slide with the four when the plug on the bridge
Bitch I'm popping out the cut 3-D with the shit, If you layin' in the park with yo bitch, what (Bitch)

[Hook: XXXTentacion]

Well it looks like he's a little disoriented or something,
It's always possible the guy could be on something