"In Our Blood" lyrics - YOB

"In Our Blood"

All my life
Stared into flames
Of the gods
Of our gods
In this dreaming unease
In my eyes
Colors wane in the halls
Hallowed halls
Send my roots
Into unknown fields

Frantic mind
Bastard tongues
Spirit desease

Sent by the lost
Blinding the vision
Stealing the light
For itself

Deep inside
The dark clamored
In us
Even near
And seen without feer
Shed the skin
Expose the heart
In twilight
Azure grace
Return this
Shadow's embrace

Transmute mind
Atomic shift
Quantum incision
Spirit vision

Sent by the one
Unified wisdom
Clearing the path
To ascend
The blood speaks to
Eternal rivers within

From womb to the womb
Rain falls to the sea
From the leaf to the ground
Falls the reed into sound
From birth unto the tomb
Love breathes to release
These shackles of mind
This empty ruler
These clouds on the screen
From the state in between
Where in our blood
We always know

In our blood
We always know