"A Greater Love" lyrics - YVES TUMOR

"A Greater Love"

[Intro: Hirakish]
Summer, Winter, the Fall has changed, yeah
Don't you ever feel like the weather brings a change? Yeah, change
Don't you ever, ever bring change, bring change?
I said, don't you ever feel that the weather has changed? Yeah, change

[Verse: Hirakish]
You were sent from above like the thunder
When it rains, feels like love
But that will never change
Must be like the Sun
Why don't you feel my rain?
The way I feel, the ways I feel about you
You made me feel your kiss so real
Baby, you're breaking me

[Outro: Yves Tumor & Clara Le San]
I feel so heavy in the Summer
You deserve some different kind of lover
I'm heavy, I begin to slumber
So, so...