"The Tide" lyrics - YVETTE YOUNG

"The Tide"

I'll find a way to keep you rooted
I couldn't live with the fear that-
I fear that I'll find you at the bottom of the sea
And I'll find you at the bottom, bottom of it

Salt settles in your wounds with every violent spin
The ocean calls your name and reaches with her arms
Her curse, a lullaby, will drown you in your sleep
Open your tired eyes, turn softly on her waves

Do you remember what home feels like?
Can you assemble the pieces of our lives?

You sail a jealous sea, she brings you far from me
Then whispers in your ear and tells you you're alone
My dear hold onto hope and every piece of joy
Remember dignity and don't give into fear

And every night was spent
Contemplating on the words you say to me
I'll let them go
I'll let you go