"World" lyrics - ZUCCHERO


World, forgotten child
forsaken dream
In silence grieves
World, a mourning sky
a weeping sea
Abonded lies
Lost is the cadence of the heart,
Broken strings, a promise torn apart
Lost is the music of the soul,
Dying echo, a story yet untold.
World, forgotten words
forsaken love
In silence yearns
World, a whispered song
a gentle sign
Discarded burns
Lost is the memory of time,
Broken wires, a vision out of line
Lost is the chorus of life,
Fading air borne away to die
World, forgotten faith
forsaken hope
In silence falls
World, a murmured wish
a uttered cry
Rejected calls
World, clinging to the sun
World, a promise yet to come
World, clutching at a dream
Of the few who rise to redeem