"Land Of Khem" lyrics - ABBATH

"Land Of Khem"

Through blasted waste in land of Khem
Bleak gods cough dark rivers of phlegm
Vile priests excrete their masters' dreams
To writhe in minds where madness breeds
The monsters upon which art must fester
Beauty's beast reaps sweet investure
The grinning skull cut from finest gem
A void divides in land of Khem

We seek the gods concealed
Within wounds never healed
In sanity's cracks where trauma treads
The twisting stretch inside our heads

We seek the heart beating still
Within the flesh of uber-kill
In shadows black with blood of druid
In rage constrained where time is fluid

We smoke an abyss in land of Khem
Carve crystal myth in neural stem
Drip eclipse in cleft of bliss
Agaric flight of nemecyst
In towers of ice all flesh will melt
Before the throne Behemoth knelt
In fetid flux let fate condemn
Our frozen ghosts in land of Khem