"Outstrider" lyrics - ABBATH



War gods steadfast by my side
Wake of entrails stream behind
Ordnung rules, I divide
No curse or threat will break my stride
Cerberus snaps at my heels
Chased outta Hades' blighted fields
Rebel don't beg, freak never yields
What Mammon won't give the outlaw steals!

Eons do not age my frame
Immutable as pouring rain!
Scars evolve but never change
A mind removed from all but rage!

Keep your chains
Your barricades
Keep your cage
World ablaze

Wanted scum in hell
Banished from bedlam, banned
Bloodied, broke and unbowed
Death denies me now

Charybdis guards the threshold
Where sanity unfolds
Curse of Behemoth mutates me in the shadows
Life despised me then, death denies me now!

Keep your chains
Keep your cage
World ablaze

From womb I burst, sharp of claw
Shipwrecked my life and swam for shore
From red-dyed sea I struck the beach
Bled my enemies dry, my knife a leech

Arc of reaper's scythe
Seraphim's demise
Chaos deviant thrive
Neither dead or alive
Too debauched for hell
Scorned by heaven's crown
Heretics rebel
Death denies me now