"To War" lyrics - ABBATH

"To War"

Speed demon spread thy shanks wide
Shower offense, defile
Citadel, pure desires' vice
Damnation nigh, behemoths feast
Old bloodlines die
Warrior caste feed raging beast
Hear the roar of battle horn

To war!

Dread reavers rise from dismal mist
Ghouls emerge, catalyst
Form jagged, spike-studded fist
Lean years, breed - a skeletal corpse
Deviant yield, omnivore
Tide devours craven shore
To battlefield stream that's warm

To war

Mephitic mob, torch the heavens
Chew the ribs of temple-maidens
Blackened babes hung on high
Nourish the hawks circling sky
Talons to flesh, a hook-beak strips
Long pig to shreds, tongue from lips
Wild reavers pledge, their guts to pour
Blizzard kin raise the skulls

Talisman shield - sword, our prophesy
Grail quest - benighted destiny
War paths - must terminate in blood
Pit erupt - spray ochre upon the mud

[Guitar solo]

Plague weavers spread Y-pestis far
Thin armoured ranks
Marauders close, decimate guard
Hammer blade on anvil forge
Hel know our name
Wade knee deep in sod of fore
Once more unto the breach

To war!