"Winter Bane" lyrics - ABBATH

"Winter Bane"

Cleanse steel in carnage, unleash the chthonic darkness
Scud, stochastic vortex, blitzing vicious bastards
Sheath, blades in carcass, disembowel tangled skein
Upon ripe flesh we harvest, human grain, mortal pain

Reaper rides
Genocides' arc of scythes

Combat casts the warrior, warfare marks the age
Stone to bronze, to iron, steel is our rage!
Bloodsoaked grimoires spell "hell" a million ways
Vellum spills the venom, a poison chalice sprays

Gods of war
Exhort the hordes as battle roar
Dragon dives
Belching hives of serpent flies

Scribes skewer history
Truth dies in the telling
Scribes skewer history
Truth dies in the yelling of lies

Afford us our sins, bloodlust our wings
In death's domain of winterbane

Death wept that grim day, gutting ghost from viscera
Flaying soul from the clay, cleaving mind from terror
Reavers rode roughshod, 'cross the skull-crushed plain
Legions mass the grave, spirits shriek insane!

Fire drakes dive
Burn ranks alive, dead worlds collide
Ravens glide
Swoop and pluck the hero's eyes

Scars carve the memory
Truth lies in the cutting
Scar carves the memory
Truth lies in the culling of lies

Seraphim soar above the ichor
Sea of slain at winterbane


Wilderness will not claim the beast
Nor civilized state deny its feast
Not gibberish of madman, hysteric chant of priest
Nor lovers' brutal sighs, lend the savage peace

Demon raised in flames must stride
Stricken trails in stark divide
The frozen waste of winterbane
To face the monster still inside
Deep within its burning eyes
Killer stirs, start to rise
Reavers ride the ice-crest tides
Thunderous hooves churn the skies!