ABSTINENCE lyrics - Betdown

(Abstinence / Mike Roberts)

Scattered thoughts collide and fuse
Indicative of my past dementia
Once I questioned it all,
Now I question nothing except
Will I die tomorrow
Of I'm born today
Strive to survive
Choice of Darwin's natural order of selection apparent
Why me - why them?
Defined answers all illusive,
Standing behind yesterday's insecurities
Pounding through the ignorance of a childhood long forgotten
But suddenly I broke and then realized
The relevance of outside ignorance
Tormentor transformed from all to myself
Striving despite the negativity
Confusion mounts as I enter my live
Today will answer all but one question
Multiplied by an inordinate tomorrow
Pushing to find solutions to everything
Unidentifiable by my darkened sight
Betdown I was "Betdown"