ABSTINENCE lyrics - Interface

(Abstinence / Mike Roberts)

In the solitude of the future
My heart beats to a digital frequency
Now I'm free, no judgment - no mercy
Fractal dissidence worldwide energy
Today I'm lonely, tomorrow I'm deadly
Networking with millions just like me
No connection to the supposed real world
So pleading voices have no sound
Keyboard love affair Virtual Valery
Reject the flesh to reject the torture
In the world I'm nothing, on the screen
I'm as powerful as my intellect
Software conscious data error,
Incomplete file on why I am me
Fictional death scenes plague forming
Images of the world with me deleted
Flowerchild daydreams transform to cyberpunk nightmares
Yet I try to believe in my dreams
All the while hiding the maniacal within the meek
Day to night to nightmare, I've tried to talk but no one listens
Except my digital penpal/imaginary
- Another nail extracted from the coffin
One day a hand will extract the last nail
'Til then my search continues
Through the sickness childhood inserted
Hardware destroyed by the virus