"I Love You" lyrics - ADOLESCENTS

"I Love You"


I'm still wondering how I could have said
All the wrong things at the wrong time
And how you managed to keep your head
When I got - way out of line
These feelings of mine should have come sooner
There's no way I can imagine your loss.
I ask myself "How could you do this to her?"
You're the last person I'd ever cross.

And I hear your anger,
It's too late to take back what's been said.
It won't go away the morning after,
Guilt's a parasite that leaves all dead.
And I break down, yeah I want to die,
I can't because I know there's something more
Alone in the morning I start to cry,
In the end I feel worse than before.

As we sit outside so afraid to see him,
We wonder if he's better off now.
We can't face the pain of the mausoleum,
We can't be strong because we don't know how.
And we know he's right here next - beside us
The feelings in the air are all so tense.
We want so much more, too much ain't enough
Why are we so afraid of his presence?


Mother looks to her husband in the eye,
"Our baby's gone." They start to cry.
If you come back and its just for a day -
There's only three words we all want to say -
I LOVE YOU! [8x]