"Pointless Teenage Anthem" lyrics - ADOLESCENTS

"Pointless Teenage Anthem"

This is a pointless teenage anthem
About how great things used to be
The kind that tugs your heartstrings
Like rhythmic atrophy

A pointless teenage anthem
We're not allowed to grow
Past the pointless teenage tantrums
Like the kind I used to throw

Round, round, round
Just keep spinning around
Down, down, down
Spinning upside down
Pound, pound, pound
Pound it to the ground
Sound, sound, sound
Like its something new they've found

A pointless teenage anthem
Is what they expect from me
To hold on to the youth they lost
In 1983

A pointless teenage anthem
To keep the old school young
So they can slam around and round
Lament what they've become

A pointless teenage anthem
Really shouldn't be too tough
I've written fifty other ones
More than enough

So here's a toast to happiness
To life and liberty
Life's a blast, throw off the past