"In Red Square" lyrics - AL STEWART

"In Red Square"

It's a shame about Stalin, the curator said
He really was one of the best
Just look at the detail on that head
Too bad to melt him down with the rest
But since they wrote him out of the history books
Nobody gives him a second look
It's amazing how little time it took
And now he's never gonna get his statue up in Red Square

I remember Krushchev, the old man said
He had real strength in his jaw
The setting sun would turn his skull pale red
But now they've packed him off to the store
He used to know how to stir things up back then
Banging his shoe on the table at the UN
He said he'd bury the west again and again
But now he's never gonna get his statue up in Red Square

Too bad about Lenin, the old man sighed
He really had quite a run
For seventy years he was idolized
Even though he missed most of the fun
But the new revolution promised everyone cars
So they burned down the Kremlin and brought back the Tsars
Now they're spraying blue paint over all the red stars
And he doesn't even have his picture up in Red Square