"Russians & Americans" lyrics - AL STEWART

"Russians & Americans"

So here we stand at the edge of 1984, bracing ourselves once again
For the storm approaching as those who long before huddled in caves from the rain
The enemy's face is so hard to see, sometimes it seems that I see him in you
Sometimes in me, who can he be? No use consulting the prophets and leaders they all disagree.

Russians and Americans, here's a song for you
Who carry the weight of the world on your heads
Russians and Americans, tell me if it's true
You really believe all the things that you've said
The red-white-and-blue running into the red.

From the wars of Europe, the pilgrim fathers set off with their hopes and their bond
Some settled down by the coast, others crossed the mountains and into the flatlands beyond
From scramble and dust of Muscovite streets, merchants develop the trade routes and open the door to the East
Pioneer waves choked by the cold breath of winter or baked by the heat of the day.

Russians and Americans, passing through the fire
Of revolution and coming of age
Russians and Americans, driven by desire
Two players push to the front of the stage
The whole world now watches each move that you make.

Two runners caught in the thrill of the race, the finishing line is as far as the stars that the satellites chase
Why quicken the pace? Why does it seem that you choose to lose reason before losing face?

Russians and Americans, driven by the past
The third world moves in the shadows you cast
Russians and Americans could turn the world to dust
So much to live for, so much undiscussed
So much in common and so little trust.

From the streets of Athens and Rome, the voices still echo to crumbling walls
Look to the past and remember no empire rises that sooner or later won't fall
Forever the changes we still have to face, some people say that a country is more and idea than a place
Though nothing is safe, we still choose the mark that we leave on the open canvas of space.

Russians and Americans
Maybe you should see into the heart of the world, not its head
Russians and Americans
If you want to be the feet of the world, better mind where you tread,
The footprints of history are left where you step.

So here we stand at the edge of 1984.