"Blue" lyrics - ALISON MOYET


Another northern sky
Another motorway parade
Another day like this
Whatever will be will be
And we will be in Shrewsbury (do I have to go)

Do I have to go
Could I ever stay away
And you never know
Tonight our luck could change
And we'll be flying all the way (going all the way)
A late point and I'll be laughing
And Saturday won't seem so bleak
With you, Blue

Ever a stepping stone
Someone's Mickey Mouse affair
We're so unfashionable
But I'm not with you for your stylish hair
Or the seaside air (if we ever get there)
Tell me we've acquired a striker (Stanley)
And a lucrative sponsorship came through (on a free)
Will you, Blue
Can we not buy someone famous
And pull a crowd we can't contain at all
All true, Blue

Maybe we'll never tread the grass that grows around your feet
And you let us in for weighting tables like we live to feed
And not to eat (but we get a seat)
Three points and the living's easy
And every day's a Saturday
With you, true blue