"Alfredo's" lyrics - ALL


Here's a message from the boys of ALL
Not to be rude but when it comes to food
Go to ALFREDOS, Alfredos!

There's really only one place you can go -
Even the Russians go to Alfredo's
My heart yearns for you Alfredo
Even the Martians go to Alfredo's
My heart burns for you Alfredo
Romance is in the air
You'll always find us there

If my allculations are correct
The dishwasher is a victim of much neglect

Our name is ALL and we wrote this song
It's not very good, people say it's too long
Well listen up Alfredo, this is for you
The reason why we wrote this is to get some free food!

We want: Massive enchiladas with rice and beans!
We want: Two beef tacos, #10 that means!
We want: Lots of cokes and lots of ice!
We want: Chicken tostadas, lots of beans and rice!

And another thing, Alfredo -
We're ALL - we practically live here
595 hours a day
765 days a year
We want you to stay open

645 minutes an hour
7 weeks a month
1733 Pacific Coast Highway, in Lomita, 90717
We don't speak spanish
534-9924 - give 'em a call
We just speak food
Because we're ALL
And that's ALL we do

This is no place to take a chick
The food is great but she might get sick
But it's good enough for ALL!!!It's just a hole in the wall