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"I Got None"

I always thought you'd love me like you use to I never though I'd find you playin me this way I always said you were really not shallow but apperently I was wrong
My fairy tale life wasn't 'posta end this way
But it did it was just a waste of time
It was gonna be me and you 'til the end of all time but that did not happen that way oh

You totally destroyed my heart
I never thought I could put it back together
I always thought and I'm never gonna think again
How could you be so cold
I really thought we had a connection, connection, connection

Ut oh here we go
I don't know why I did not knock you hard on the ground and listen to what you had to sayy 'cause it really made me quite annoyed and i, and i, shoulda walked away
I really thought we had that true love spell 'cause we were the couple of all time it seems to me the were lyin they always said we had a connection
So I said


I don't know why I had to act like a fool and go out with you I did not know what to do when I saw you kissin another girl when I asked you about it you never said a word then I decided right here right now it was over 'cause I couldn't take any more oh


I always thought and I'm never gonna think again.