"Romantic Junkie" lyrics - ALL

"Romantic Junkie"

On The Edge Of Everything You're A Romantic Junkie All The Girls Think That You're The King You're A Romantic Junkie Learned All About It On Mtv He Seemed So Cool You Said That Drugs For Me Romantic Junkie They Think You're Really Something Romantic Junkie Romantic Junkie I Know You're Really Nothing I'm Glad I'm Not Like You Shit Your Pants Steal Your Moma's Cash You're A Romantic Junkie You Sold All Your Stuff For Drugs 'cause You Shot Up All Your Money Read All About It In Rolling Stone Now You Got A Habit That Won't Leave You Alone Romantic Junkie She Thinks You're Really Something I Know You're Really Nothing Romantic Junkie Romantic Junkie I'm Glad I'm Not Like You Now You're Giving Head Just To Get Your Fix You're So Cool I Want To Be Just Like You You're So Smooth The Girls All Want To F**k You It Couldn't Get Much Better Than This