ANDERSON / WAKEMAN lyrics - The Living Tree (Part 1)

"The Living Tree (Part 1)"

There was a sacred lady
So inspired
Who felt that every child should know how to love
So daily laid a trail of light
That clearly followed close
Yet no one really understood it's you,
You love the most

Learning to love
Learning to love again
Learning to love yourself

Know that the wheels are turning round to show you
Every step
We dance around the living tree
And love is what we get

Learning to dance
Learning to dance again
Learning to dance again

There was a sacred man
Who sailed the seven lives
He would ask this question always on his mind
He would sing...for the secret learning, searching for the
Words to say
Sing...Of the perfect meeting
Part of his life in every way
Living in the living tree
Living in the learning

Living in the living tree
Living in the learning

In the pages that you sing your song again, you will write
Yourself a life
In the book that comes with every tale, you will realize