ANNIHILATOR lyrics - Back To The Crypt

"Back To The Crypt"
(Jeff Waters)

Darkness fills another room, crowded to the hilt
Suddenly a flash of light, the floor begins to tilt
Screaming hungry maniacs, celebrate the sound
Of music most appreciated by the underground

Back to the crypt, thrashing the underground
Back to the crypt, get yourself back
Back to the crypt, we'll hit you hard and heavy
Back to the crypt

We're criticized for what we do, just thrashing having fun
Singing songs of love and hate
Our power is next to none
Pounding through from hall to hall, rooms so full of good
Friends and those who wanna be simply understood


Starting out with no respect for what we have to play
No future in your band is what they used to always say
Thanks to you we have the drive our foots now in the door
Opening alternatives to metal and hardcore