ANNIHILATOR lyrics - Evil Appetite

"Evil Appetite"
(Coburn Pharr / Jeff Waters)

Hey man, you got a dollar, maybe some change?
No sorry man I don't have any money, I'm in a hurry leave me alone.
Honest, all I want is something to eat.
Yeah right, the way you smell you'd probably spend it on booze.
I wasn't always like this.

I woke up this morning
I couldn't get out of bed
I had a couple of drinks last night
I guess it went to my head
I slept through my wake up call
Forgot to feed the cat
There's only one thing wrong
I don't know where I'm at

Excuse, no use, it doesn't work for me
You've had your chances so why bother me
Tic toc, just look at the clock, your life is passing by
You've had your chances, don't bother me

I've got to get a move on
It's a quarter to ten
I can't find my keys at all
Forgot my suit again
I get to work, the boss says "late"
This happens everyday
Once more, you've lost your job
I don't care anyway


One drink is all need
You don't care about the life you need
You got an evil appetite to feed

Yesterday I lost my job
It doesn't bother me
I'll do what I want and I'll do it again
You just wait and see
Time for a drink and no time to think
With a bottle of rum
Well I'm running low and it's time to go
Out to get me some