"A Skeleton In The Closet" lyrics - ANTHRAX

"A Skeleton In The Closet"

All American, an evil game of extortion
A sick old man, and who would guess
He was once S.S.
A deadly fascination, of a madman's solution
Six million dead, poison tales pollute his head

Tell me a story - Will ya, Will ya
A real good story, I won't leave till ya
Spill your guts old man
Leave out any secrets, Hiding in the ...

Any skeletons, and all your other sins
Any skeletons in the closet
Any skeletons, any misfortunes
Any skeletons, Hiding in the closet
Any skeletons, Any skeletons
In the closet

It's insanity, puppetmaster boy or Nazi
Apt pupil, he hears the screams
Nightmares turn into wet dreams
Hatret lives, boiling inside, dealing death it's bumicide
In too deep, their secret stands but it won't keep


[Lead Break]

[Fun Pickin' Part:]
The truth comes out, conspiracy there is no doubt
His life is ruined, but no not yet
He's still got one card in the deck
A loaded gun, a happy smile, he'll scope the freeway for awhile
King of the world, four hundred rounds it took five hours to bring him down