"Among The Living" lyrics - ANTHRAX

"Among The Living"

Disease, Disease
Spreading the disease
With some help from Captain Trips
He'll bring the world down to his knees
Power, yes Power
He'll show them all his power
It pulses through his ice cold blood
A whole world to devour

He's seeing, He's calling
His legacy, He's spawning
He's coming, corrupting
Among the living

Murder, Murder
Commit cold blooded murder
Like Nazis during World War Two
They only follow orders
Hatred, Hatred
A crucifix is your bed
Once he turns his eye on you
You'd be better off dead


I am the walkin' dude
I can see all the world
Twist your minds with fear
I'm the man with power
Among the living
Follow me or die

Man, fights Man
Divided they can't stand
United they can battle back
And make him force his hand
Fear, yes Fear
His end is growing near
He didn't count on man's good faith
And their will to persevere


[Lead Break]

Fire, hot Fire
Purge the world with fire
Damnation is the price he'll pay
For an evil man's desire
Good, vs. Evil
The stand to vanquish evil
Man can only live one way
That place right in the middle