"Gridlock" lyrics - ANTHRAX


It's a long time, a long time comin'
You tell me how you think I should be
It's so easy
You tell me what people want from me
Well I'll just be myself
It's the only way I can be, but you don't see
You accuse, abuse integrity
You don't know one damn thing about me
Not one damn thing

Build me up and then you tear me down
Curse my name when I'm not around
You're so hard until the truth is found
What goes round always comes around

And it's a
Long time, long time
A long time comin'
A long time, long time
A long time comin', a vicious circle
In your face I'll come runnin'
Try and stop me
A long time, much too long
And I'm comin'

Try and stop me
I like to keep my friends around me close
But my enemies closer
Friends accept me for just who I am
Not someone I'm supposed to be
Or something they expect for free
Do you know me?
I live with myself, I know my place
Wipe that bullshit smile off your face
The show is over

You and me are gonna take a walk
I think it's time we had a little talk
I said, you and me are gonna take a walk
And we're gonna do more than walk and talk
Let me see how you think I should be
You think it's so easy?
Put yourself on trial everyday
Against a hung jury
You don't know a thing about me
You believe the hype you see
But in my heart God knows I'll be true
To what my life will bring