"One Man Stands" lyrics - ANTHRAX

"One Man Stands"

The enemy is dead
I can't believe what I said
The enemy is dead
Did it only exist in our head?

Sheltered from the evils of the world until the truth is seen
Sheltered from realities of life, your human rights are free
Freedom, taken for granted 'cause
We don't know what oppression means
Freedom, taken for granted by the leaders who would crush the dream

A crack, exposing human rights
Light against the granite sky
A crack, exposing human life
A fire burns

For the freedom, for the freedom, for the freedom
Never given but taken
For the freedom
Die for the reason

One man stands
Hard as he waits for freedom's hand
A unified voice for freedom of choice
One man stands for

Life, He'll give his
Would you give yours to fight for a cause
One man stands
And the wall, cracks, and the wall, cracks,
And the wall, cracks, and the walls come crumbling

Down with old ideals that could never work in modern times
Free choice, religious freedom, basic rights are on the bottom line
Down with all the icons of the past cold war and detente
The flock no longer fears the wolf, the flock is taking what it wants

One man stands for life - I never questioned
One life costs us all - they love their children
Everyman stands and fights - who is my enemy?
One man's rule will fall - one man stands