"A Man For All Reasons" lyrics - ARGENT

"A Man For All Reasons"

There's a man who's in demand
He's the man who's in command
Laws are only made for fools,
He can break the rules.

There's a man who's born of fate
Born to win or made to wait.
In the end he will succeed,
One who's born to lead.

And again there's a man who's lost,
He's alone and he bears the cost
In a life where bad fortune crossed.

There's a man who stands alone,
All his life will be unknown.
But he's thankful just to live,
Thankful for to give.

There's a man who lives for love,
Sees the eagle as the dove.
Should the flame of anger rise,
He will turn his eyes.

And again there's a man for war,
Who can say what he's come here for?
He's a man living Satan's law.

There's a man who means to gain
Through a veil of greed and pain,
If it lives, it has a price;
He will sacrifice.

There's a man rules by the sword,
Born to hate when evil called,
And he spreds the Devil's word
Where he can be heard

And again there's the man of peace
Prays for the day winds of evil cease,
Bless the man who's the man of peace
Bless the man who's the man of peace