"Keeper Of The Flame" lyrics - ARGENT

"Keeper Of The Flame"

See me; hear me; this is what i am when we're together;
For we are born alone, seen to stumble
Pass the early days in pain and pleasure
Oh maybe I was lost, and sometimes was confused,
But I was just a boy then,
And I was living, forgiving, making music, making love
With equal pleasure

Remember, remember the winter
When the cold rain on the mystery fell?
These years, they may make me my fortune
But my memories serve to make me as well

We drank the sun; shared the wind;
Being part of one inceased the wonder;
The moment passes, still unreal
Yet frozen in a timeless state of feeling.

I remember, remember the sunrise
Left me breathless, streaming ribbons of gold
Now I am older, but still I am watching,
Watching breathless as the mystery unfolds.

And I recall the things I have heard
Would wash me with a rare and perfect sadness.
I don't pretend to understand
The waves of life that flame and course within us;
I'm just the keeper of the flame
And so I will remain while life flows on around me.
I'm just the keeper of the flame
Enduring all the pain
And lost in joy and wonder
I'm just the keeper of the flame.