"How I Won The War" lyrics - ATMOSPHERE

"How I Won The War"

The first time they came to get me for their war
They were easy to play-I acted dumb and grinned
Contrary to what we might assume everybody loves a dummy
'Cause you ain't gotta squint when the lights are dim
They read their papers out loud to me
I smiled and nodded my head up and down, careful not to make a sound
They told me when and where I'm supposed to arrive
Never gave a second thought to whether or not I would oblige
I imagined the look on their face as they looked
At the face of their clock, tapping their foot as they wait
How long would it take to realize
I must have skated or got lost on the way before they called it a day
Fuck that, I'm on the other side of the city
In a bed breathing heavy with my favorite Betty
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna catch a slug for you
So I changed my name to Slug so that ya'll would never catch me

The second time they found me they wanted to drown me
Guess man doesn't like being made into mice
Started running their spiel about love and dedication
How I should feel, as if I owe their nation my life
"Look boy" they say, "Don't you love your freedom?"
I told them freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude
Man I said they were suckers, as I pulled out my mess
And started jerking off right there on top of their desk
Picture this, me standing there, dick in my fist
Like, what what what? Bought to bust on a nut on their list
They cursed and gave me an informal dispersal
But I'm like "sir won't you let me get my rocks off first yo?"
It's weird how acting like a hype is like being a hype
It's just a thin line that separates the two
And now my mind likes to walk both sides of the stripe
Only I could manifest my fate for the way I do

The third time they came was a charm
And I was tired and tried barely hanging from this yarn
The last two times I lost my path and my mind
What the hell I might as well as loose the farm
Take me, make me, train me, break me
Teach me to hold my anger like a lady
Show me the right way to save these babies
Throw me into this world that hates me
Here I am in a land that don't feel foreign
Following a plan, trying to find my portion
Still lost and still fondling my foreskin
Make me into a man but I still feel like an orphan
But I learned how to stand behind a purpose
The world is a circus and I'm a soldier guarding the tent
Weapon in hand, I represent and defend
My hip hop nation until the end

I pledge allegiance
To the flag
Of the Hip Hop culture's four elements
And to the originality in which it stands
The Zulu nation under god
Peace love unity and justice for all