"Hungry Fuck" lyrics - ATMOSPHERE

"Hungry Fuck"

Lets pretend that this hip hop nation was an actual country
With politicians, players, prostitues and junkies
Everyone's out here just trying to get their money
Which category do I get to fit in?
See I'm not a politician even tho I've got the politics
All I represent is my own personal policies
I've got my opportunity to speak my peace
And I leave it up to you to decide whos gonna follow me
I know I'm not a player
If I was id have a better position
Keeping those through advanced manipulation
When in control I emulate all the things I do and say
And I would have some real control over this nation
And I dare anyone to call me prostitute
'Cause I never cared about what they want me to do
These are my songs and they come from my streets
Where the only thing getting laid are vocals and beats
Well, am I a junkie? maybe
Because the cultures in my veins and its making its way up to my brain
I've been a user for my whole life
'Cause I love the way the music takes away the strife and the pains
So where do I stand and why do I sit
And I wish I could cash in
Anyone can do it, there ain't nothing to do
If the hip hop nation was a country
Yo, the name of the city I lived in would be hungry

I represent a city called hungry
We got anyboy hungry in the house?
Is hungry in the house?