"When It Breaks" lyrics - ATMOSPHERE

"When It Breaks"

Fill the dream
Fill the description
Kill the steam
Vivid [?]
Build the team
Assume their positions
Spill the beans
And feed them off my religion
Cook the bird and [?]
What's absorb rock progress in [?]
Shook the Earth and rest in peace
I missed the sun
Don't mean to trip
It's just a gun
Let's sink the ship
When it's done we'll be descript
I'll stick my tongue between your lips
Goals, goals and goals down the hill
Souls, they don't know to take the pill
Truth, you don't get it, you don't get it
Move, as I said I was presented
I the more I am the less I be
Try, stole the jam that's more likely
Fly, [?]
Jump off a cliff
Die after you, get high to live

When it breaks it will all come together [4x]

Feed her sore, I walked a lot
Popped the floor and talked to god
Stop the bore, go get a job
Give me more don't let it stop
What's my name? well, I'm not sure
Who won the game, who found the cure
I'm not insane, just insecure
I love the pain, it feels so pure
Don't got a car, don't got a wife
I'm not a star, I hate the life
But I work hard all damn night
Take off your bra, turn off the light
No, you don't know
The question go
Destruct them all
The lesson's burned
Unstable purge came to mail
Bricks, order the clutch, keep it tight
Gets, nothing much seek the light
[?] jump off a cliff
Die after you, get high to live

When it breaks it all come together [8x]

What the fuck is going on?
Where's the break? (Where's the fucking break)
I thought it's gonna break

I rather hear a break than a drum machine
Just incase you are wondering
I am more about the ass than I am the breast
'Cause I put any questions to rest
I listen to Indie Rock, but not much Hip-Hop
Because most rappers suck
I wish they shut up
There goes the trash, put it back in your mouth
Because you don't even know what you're talking about
I rather drink beer than hard liquor
But if the beer's gone I'll share the bottle with ya
And if the bottle's gone I'll probably gonna kiss ya
When you're gone girl, I'll kick it to your sister
You're making me laugh on the inside
Is the sky too high to keep you on your toes?
I rather live to die than dying to live
There not everybody knows [5x]

(I thought it's gonna come together? where's the part?)