"Life" lyrics - AUDIO ADRENALINE


Life, too much to do and too much strife
Life, your girlfriend left ya and it cuts like a knife
Life, seventy years of a nagging wife
Life, you look in the mirror and it's Barney Fife!

Life is a series of impossible dreams, yeah
Full of dissapointment and it ain't what it seems
Everybody's pulling you a different way
You want to close your eyes and make it all go away
But what ya gonna do when the rent comes due
And the dollars in your wallet are numbered few

Or your neighbor comes knockin on your front door
He wants the mower that ya borrowed
The night before your garage burned down
Your boss is screaming
'Cause he walks in your office and
He found you on top of your desk asleep
But what you gonna do, that's life!


You wrecked your buddy's car
And you cracked your head
It wouldn't have happened if you looked ahead and braked
But your mind was racing
'Cause you were thinkin
About chasing that girl who turned you down
Everybody's talking about it
All over town
But then things just get worse
You look in the mirror and think it's a curse
Your hair it's falling out
All over the pillow and all through the house
But what you gonna do, that's life!


Life is a dirty trick
If you listen to the devil's lies
But, life is another man's treasure if
He's given it up to Christ

Now wait a minute buddy
My ain't alone
God said it all when
He gave the world
His only Son
To die on the cross
Just when you think all is lost
There's hope for all mankind
Just give it to Christ
And you can find life more abundantly
And that's the only reason for life!