"One Step Hyper" lyrics - AUDIO ADRENALINE

"One Step Hyper"

When I was young, I had a blast, boy
The ways of the past, They're cool, they're fun, they're good.
But I wonder, will it last.
I don't know, I don't think so.
What we need is a little yo narly ho,
So we yo, we heave ho!
We turn up the sound,
We run around,
We put a little juice in your town.
We talk about the Lord and all that we found in Him.
You wonder what we do,
We're aiming at you.
We're bonified preachers,
Spiritual snipers,
Gonna take your soul,
One step hyper.

One step hyper.
One step hyper.
One step hyper.

Now we're in the race,
Gotta reason for a rhyme,
And a rhyme for a reason.
With God's help, we set the pace.
We're Audio A,
And we're in your face.
Yeah, your face, and we ain't dissin'
We're talking about something you've been missing
Become like the man that you wish you were
You got a friend and you can be sure
The Lord God almighty, faithful and pure.
Full of power, holy and true.
Hits the streets get off your pew.
Fight the fight till the fight is through,
Now you know what you gotta do,
Let's crank it up, He died for you.


Sometimes, things just go too slow,
You wanna run, jump, dance and go.
There may be times you want a beat,
To move your head and not your feet.
Fired up and ready, the Lord is alive.
So get your souls moving for a big joy ride.
So let's kick it for the King
Let's open up and sing.
Let's have a little fun as we crush the viper.
Time to get,
One step hyper.